Member Recipe Review: Spinach Soup

Dec 11, 2009 • Uncategorized

IMG_0374Last weekend I had a marathon cooking session in order to test some recipes for articles and to do a cookbook review. As I was making my grocery list, my husband walked into the kitchen and picked up the recipe pages I planned to use. One of them was for  Lady Gourmet’s Spinach Soup, which had caught my eye a few weeks ago. When he came to that recipe page he said, “Yuck- you don’t have to make this one!” I was surprised at his negative remark because he loves spinach and is a huge fan of most any kind of soup. So I asked him why he made that comment and he said that “spinach soup just does’nt sound very good” (men!). I told him he was being silly and to read the recipe. He did, and after a minute or two he decided that it “didn’t sound so bad” and that I could “go ahead and make it.” (ya’ll know I was going to make it anyway right?)

Fast forward to several hours later when a pot of this deliciously-fragrant soup is simmering on the stove. In walks hubby and asks me, “What smells so good?” I looked at him, and as sarcastically as possible, I told him it was the soup he told me not to make. To his credit, at least he had the grace (and common sense) to look sheepish as he reached in the silverware drawer for a spoon. He took a taste of the soup, mumbling around the spoon that, “Hey…this is good!” Then he took another taste, and another, and pretty soon he was reaching for a bowl. I bet you can guess how this story ends…the soup is gone, and I was not the one who ate most of it!

So thanks to Lady Gourmet for an amazing recipe that tamed the tastebuds of one very skeptical husband. I can write without reservation that Spinach Soup, despite it’s humble name, is truly worthy of gourmet status…this soup rocks!!